An Epic Trip Right at the Time of the Coronavirus Outbreak

We really love traveling! Who doesn´t? However, when we departed from our homes to attend three great international conferences in the US –TAUS in San José, GALA in San Diego, and SIA In Miami– we never thought that this unprecedented situation was going to happen. Literally, the world was suddenly turned upside down…

For many months we had carefully planned our trip to learn, to connect and to enhance our skills to continue offering our best quality to our clients.

Our first destination was San Jose, California. Even though we were excited to be right in the heart of Silicon Valley, the atmosphere was weird and different. Everybody was kind of afraid and uncertain, not sure what precautions to take and what was going to happen.

After some days visiting clients, and watching demos of awesome technological tools, the WHO declared spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence, many of the companies we were supposed to visit decided to close. There was a strong rumor that both Argentina and the US were was going to close the borders with the outside world.

We immediately look into all the possibilities to return home. So, without hesitating, and with many companies still left to visit, we cancelled our trip to San Diego, which was our second destination to attend GALA 2020, and managed to get our tickets to Miami, from where our plane to Argentina was departing. A real pity for us since we had come all the way from the end of the word and none of the conferences did take place.

An unusual picture of Miami International Airport, which was almost empty.

Fortunately, after a compulsory 14-day quarantine, we were healthy and ready to come back home. During those hard days, we were blessed to count on the unconditional love and support of our family, our beloved friends, and our colleagues from around the world.

We are living difficult times and we will certainly have something to learn from this. In the meantime, we must keep our faith and stay together. We have to keep going and doing our best to move forward, despite the current obstacles.

How are YOU coping with the difficult global situation that we are currently facing?

Please share your comments with us!

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