About us

We guide companies and entrepreneurs in the processes necessary to have well-written, clearly-defined and quality- assured documents.

Our highly specialized team will help you leverage your creative and multilingual content, boost your portfolio and achieve your desired objectives.

The Marketing Director, Dolores R. Guiñazú, is a Certified Sworn (Court-Approved) English to Spanish Translator and Copywriter specializing in Healthcare, Marketing, Legal & Corporate Communications. At the beginning, an in-house translator for multinational corporations, and then a Certified Translator, working in teams for Global Agencies as well as for direct clients all over the world. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Universidad del Salvador (USAL) & Albany University in New York, US. Besides, she is a Spanish Copyeditor and Proofreader certified by Fundación Litterae and Fundéu, Spain.

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The Creative Director, Gabriela Escarrá, is a Certified Sworn (Court-Approved) Translator, Transcreator, and Editor specializing in Marketing and Corporate Communications. She holds two university degrees as a Sworn Translator and a Teacher of English Language and Literature. As a professional translator, she has worked on several projects for the United Nations Development Programme (UNPD), and with direct clients, including private corporations, government agencies, and professional associations. She has also been a University Professor of Technical Translations at the School of Economics, UCLP.

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Our consultants pay great attention to detail and check every written material meticulously to make sure everything is correct and appropriate to the market. We provide equal focus on the quality of the documents and clients´ expectations as well as a seamless communication between all individuals and teams involved in the processes.

We have been lecturing on Quality Management topics in Argentina, Uruguay, USA, and Europe, including the University of Massachusetts (UMass) in Boston, the 58th ATA Annual Conference in Washington, DC., the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, and the BP18 Conference in Vienna, among many others.

We will help you embrace new technologies, expand the business and achieve your desired global objectives.